A good web design needs creativity and skills. To accomplish this, Photoshop is a perfect application you can use to apply your creativity. Photoshop has various menus and features which is probably confuse you, but if you a good learner, there will no difficulty at all. You can modified or adjust pictures and make it to be more different and attractive, but of course you should know closer about Photoshop.

In general, Photoshop offers you cool tricks to do an impressive work of digital art. There are many examples of digital work arts you can do with Photoshop. First, you can create a digital comic coloring which is as same as the human hand creation. You just need to involve a manipulation with a set of brushes until you get the result like you want. Also, Photoshop allows you to transform an original photograph into more impressive or dazzling picture. And what becomes people’s favorite is that Photoshop can totally beautify your face in the picture by applying a menu that can brighten your skin, erase blemishes or wrinkles, whitened your teeth and even it can change the style and color of your eyebrows and hair. Until your face image absolutely isn’t look like you, if you wish. Yes, Photoshop is a magic comes real.

There are many menus you can find inside the Photoshop which allow you to adjust and modify pictures. For example, when you open Filter tab and then select Render and choose Clouds, you will have a sky-like over the picture. If you select Lighting Effects, you can adjust the picture with centered light on it. You can also improve the image with Photoshop project calls Texture. Furthermore, you can improve the modification using another Filter menu like Stylize. To gain your personal preference, you can adjust Contrast to have good result. Take a note that learning this information is a valuable knowledge to advance your web design.

Accordingly, to make a glow effect without using Filter menu, you can choose the object by duplicating it as a layer and then choose the glow color you like. After choosing the lower duplicate, select Edit on the menu bar and then Stroke. Now you can adjust the thickness of glow you wish. To finalize your editing, you can apply Gaussian Blur to the layer. You can find this Gaussian Blur by clicking Filters and find it under the Blur. Blur will soften the image you edit.

Each menu in Photoshop gives you different effects. Truly, through Photoshop, you can improve the design of your web into a fascinating or attractive view and of course Photoshop will not let your web looks boring and plain.

If you have become an advanced Photoshop users you can even create 3D glass balls, planet and star-studded skies, mate paintings, and airbrushed illustration. It will be more attractive and also it will create your web to be more alive. When you have mastered this sophisticated skill, you will find it very easy to improve your web design. (fallen)

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