Well, to drink yourself with useful knowledge of Web Design, below are significant tips that may be very beneficial, especially when you are about to seriously learning about this website design. First comes first is you should know about creating a custom 404 web page. This page is another alternative whenever the web visitors mistakenly type or spell the address of particular URL. This way, they will be provided with navigation options.

Secondly, it often happens that many website visitors type a URL or link without ‘www.’ So, you will need to set your website to be accessible without the ‘www’ it means that the visitors will be automatically redirected to non-www version of your domain URLs to the www version in your site.

To represent good performance through the Web Design, you should consider about the size, graphic, and images by determining the right or proper size that may reduce the web browser workload, as a result the page loading time can speed up. These features must be set and displayed properly and correctly. Once you define the contents in your site correctly, the pages will load faster. So, you don’t need the web browser to re-size the images or other contents in your page.

Furthermore, perhaps you can start to think about adding a favorite icon like a Favicon to your site. This option shows your professionalism especially when visitors are able to see your company or product logo in the URL box and bookmark list. Moreover, it is important to involve the auto-discovery code in your Web Design. By placing this auto-discovery code in the header of the site, many browsers and RSS readers may detect the availability of an RSS feed in your site.

Another tip suggests you to register multiple domain versions and extension because many domain names are sold in low prices. By doing this registration, you give your brand valuable protection. Additionally, to invite more visitors you should provide them comfortable navigation. Thus, you should create consistent navigation so your visitors can browse your site and flip through your virtual pages more comfortably.

Other tips you should concern are including the copyright notice to show your visitors that your website is frequently up-dated, meaningful file names that allow your visitors to find them easily, the use of hyphens instead of underscores for more visibility through search engine, choose Alt Tags to describe the type of images appear on web pages, checking the all text by using spell-check feature, test your website after finishing the Web Design process, and the last but not least is the simple website but worth can be more preferable rather than providing numerous unnecessary features. (fallen)

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