Well, let’s straight to the main point, this article is going to show you how to design free flash web pages in simple and understandable steps. First of all, by browsing the internet, you can start searching the websites, for example Wix web site, and register yourself by simply clicking the ‘Sign Up!’ tab. After inputting your email address, user name, and password, you should click the ‘Sign Up’ tab right away. Within seconds, you will be success logging into the websites.

Secondly, you should search the ‘Start Creating’ button and select ‘Blank Website’ on the next-shown page. Afterward, the Wix Editor screen will appear in a new window. Next, you should direct to ‘Page parts’ located at the top of the left-hand menu and select ‘Background.’ Thereafter, click the ‘Night Stars’ background and you can go back to the ‘Page Parts’ and direct the mouse to select ‘Page Center.’ Then, pick the second page of center options and select the blue ‘Frame’ option.

The fourth step suggests you to direct the cursor to ‘Text’ button you can find in the left-hand menu and click ‘Title.’ A popup window that gives Font option shall shows up and you can pick ‘Sandoval’ font. Then, the ‘Insert text here’ box will emerge and select ‘Edit’ from the popup box. Go to ‘Photo-Rama.’ After highlighting the new text entered, you can change the font size to 58, the 1.8 letter spacing, and white font color through the control appears at the bottom of the screen. Your customized setting will be saved after you click anywhere out of the text box. Next, click the box again and hold it while you are dragging it to the upper, left corner of the page. You can as well click the curved ‘Rotate’ arrow to adjust the title text aligns with the frame’s top left slope.

Furthermore, at ‘Galleries,’ click the ‘Carousel’ and pick ‘Circle’ in the popup option box appeared. From here, you can customize the widget whether to enlarge or reposition it. After that, click ‘Manage’ found at the controls below the widget and go for ‘Add Photo.’ The ‘Upload’ is your next choice to choose so you can upload the desire photos from your PC. You can upload 4 to 6 photos. Then, select ‘OK’ on the ‘Manage Photos.’

On the next step, select ‘Add Menu’ you can easily find it at the bottom of the page. Click ‘Shiny Edge’ at the ‘Menu’ box appears. After dragging the menu controls to place it beneath the photo carousel, click ‘Color.’ Make use the eyedropper tool to pick the harmonizing shade of dark blue. After clicking ‘Close’ tab, click ‘Format’ and change the ‘Mouse Over’ and ‘Mouse Click’ text color options to white and end it by clicking ‘OK.’ To finalize this, select the ‘Save’ tab in the toolbar at the top of the page, give your work name ‘Photo-Rama’ and select ‘OK’ to save.

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