Commonly, dedicated web servers provides features that are not available on others, thus many companies get more flexibility and control when they take a dedicated server hosting as their preference. Also most of the companies have the choices of selecting the hardware they want like the hardware customized script and the choice of operating system.

Basically, the dedicated server hosting is determined as managed dedicated service. When you make your choice over a dedicated web hosting, all of the system resources will not shared with other clients. Also, a managed dedicated server hosting package the service provider will control and take care of maintenance and support round the clock.

Specifically, the shared hosting package is truly much cheaper. However, you cannot count on its security with very limited flexibility and resources. The cheap dedicated server result in a slow page loading, thus when you have a site with huge promotion that is hosted on the server on which you are hosted and when suddenly the website experience sudden surge in traffic, this will cause slow page loading for all the websites hosted on that particular server.

More importantly, the dedicated web servers can be a good choice for those who need high uptime, security, faster page loading, and flexibility. For becoming cheap dedicate server, it is one of good hosting people can choose and it supports more when the traffic and websites grow.

Well, it will be a good idea for most business startup to pick a cheap dedicated server because there are much more server space for your business site with affordable price. For this reason, you can pick several hosting packages and much of the packages are dedicated and shared server web hosting. If you confuse, you can follow many experts’ suggestion which is the dedicated server.

There are some significant benefits if you go for cheap dedicated server or dedicated web hosting. It is a great choice if your website reaches the 50 to 100 GB web traffic on a regular basis. You will also obtain your own IP address and throw your problems away for example if your IP is blocked because of the failure on another partition within that shared server.

In addition, you will be able to enjoy more functionality within your website such as having your own memory, processor, storage medium, and operating system. As well, you can get more control on applications to install that will give advantage to your business at the time you move past initial startup period. Today, the cheap dedicated server hosting can even have the similar advantages with those with higher price which is the security for not losing data.

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