Moving images or interactive features can be helpful to improve your websites layouts, so that more websites decide to apply those features in their websites too. And one means can do that is Flash. Many websites are competing to get more visitors by applying Flash and sooner or later there will be more flash sites flooded the internet. When the competition and flooding internet reach the climax, Flash become a debatable issue. As a result, two different points of view are drawn considerably.

Firstly, the strengths of using flash

Since flash is in smaller file size compares to movie file which is larger in size, using flash is more efficient and helpful especially when animations are involved to convey a message. Flash provides you an easy way creating animations strikingly. \r\n', '\r\n

Interactivity holds an important role in a website. By using flash, the creative website designers or programmers produces fantastic things like attractive feedback forms or flash-based games where visitors seem like to exist in the website space.

When Flash is installed in your website, visitors’ most-preferred browsers like Internet Explorer, Opera, or Firefox, will appear just like they are. If the Flash Player is installed on the visitors’ computers, your flash features will appear compatibly. There is no need to worry that your website is out of standard or out-of-date.

Secondly, the weaknesses of using flash:

  1. Downloading Flash Player for some people – especially those who do not have one – is wasting time. Not all your visitors are willingly downloading Flash Player just to have your flash features to appear. It makes difficulties when they must follow the dull steps to the downloading flash player site.

  2. Many search engines unable to index Flash elements. And the consequence is that your website will not get a good rank in search engine and this is bad for your websites continuance.

  3. Waiting is boring and that’s true. The larger file of the flash content means the longer time it takes. As a result, when your flash content has appeared, your visitors have far gone.

So, what are you supposed to do? The answer is really simple: use Flash when you really need it to convey your messages. But when your plain text gives clear message to your visitors, use your Flash necessarily next time. (fallen)

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