Website Screen ResolutionWeb design must give pleasing view and service for visitor like time loading, great contents, and even attractive layouts. However, these contents are as vital as the resolution for your website. At this point, to present good impression for visitors, there is one important thing to make your website stay in good consistency like determining best resolution for your websites which covers the resolution for all screen background.

Several points suggested about best resolution are valuable to think about, therefore your websites may run more effectively. First, keep in mind that lowest screen resolution is effective for your websites. Thus, the common resolution that fit the mostly websites is 800 x 600 resolution or in certain time you are allowed to have one higher than that.

The second one, the lowest screen resolution will affect the website resolution. It means that you should consider the best resolution and design the entire graphics included to be fit with the resolution on your website.

Every web designer or website owner knows that HTML offers great deal to keep the website out of common problem, especially the loading time, thus the next point you must ensure is that whenever you have tables on your sites, you should measure the percentage of the tables so it will fit the screen resolution. Since it is all about website for all resolution, tables are counted according to percentage, not pixel. Instead of giving absolute measurement, percentage will give you relative measurement.

Commonly, many websites are in the 1024 x 768 resolution and even higher, but time after time the preference for this resolution has changed into higher resolution, therefore the idea of designing websites for all resolution will be very helpful. Thus, a good design of website for all resolution will offer the visitors full contents website without useless and empty space seen here and there. (fallen)

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