Is it the right time for you to buy the 4G-enabled devices? Hold on, don’t be so in a rush because there are many things you need to put in mind before your decision is final. Recently, new smartphone is released with the capability to run on 4G network called HTC EVO 4G. When taking a glance into its specifications, you will find totally impressive features like Android 2.1 operating system, HTC’s Sense UI, 4.3” capacitive screen with 800-by-480, 8-megapixel camera, and the remarkable 1-GHz Snapdragon processor.

You should agree that after knowing the specification above, a conclusion pulled out is that HTC EVO beats Google Nexus One that run on Sprint network. Additionally, Sprint network offers magnificent capability to serve fast download speeds and browsing. Through HTC EVO 4G you will get a convenient internet experience as great as on a desktop PC. However, the vital problem arises along with the euphoria of this 4G device. This problem regarding the 4G coverage which is unfortunately limited and not everyone in US is able to access the network.

The 4G coverage is only cover several areas like Sprint that is now only available in 27 cities and the expansion will be finished by the end of 2010. However the plan is not undergone yet so you may not know when the expansion will finish. Therefore, learning the lack of 4G network coverage, you are suggested to postpone the 4G-supported device purchase until there is clear information about it. Of course to buy or not to buy this gadget is totally your choice but without the support of 4G network, the gadget will be impossible to perform its full capabilities as well as you cannot use the full features.

If you insist to purchase the device, you are recommended to search for Sprint’s data coverage map to make sure that your city is one of the areas that is supported with Sprint’s 4G network coverage. If in fact your city is not on the list and you keep your decision to buy the device you should be ready to face the reality that your device will have less functionality. It’s just an impressive gadget without teeth.

Speaking of 4G network coverage, there are several carriers have glued on the plan to enlarge the 4G network coverage. T-Mobile provides the HSPA+ to deliver 4G-like speed on the 3G technology. Verizon Wireless stated that it will cover 25 to 30 major cities with its LTE 4G services before the end of 2010 and by mid-2011 the network will fully support the 4G-supported headsets. Moreover, MetroPCS argued that it will launch LTE 4G in Las Vegas by the end of 2010. On the other hand, AT&T has decided not to release the LTE services or phones into the market until 2011. Well, think there is so much to consider. (fallen)