The one thing that every woman worries about at some point in her life is her health. Women's health is complicated, and the older we get the more complicated we get. All over the Internet and in bookstores around the world there are thousands of books, videos and articles telling women what they should and should not do to stay healthy.

Having so many options for information makes it difficult to know which way to turn to find the truth in it all. Once again, technology steps up to help us all out with our dilemma. Social networking is sweeping the planet. One of the most popular sources of information today is Twitter. In order to find out all the information you need on anything related to women''s health, all you need is a Twitter account and you are good to go. The Twitter feeds mentioned in this article are packed full of valuable expert information.

The first on the list of must-follow Twitter accounts for women's health is Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN and expert neurosurgeon, Dr. Sanjay Gupta tweets a lot of great health tips. He also provides links to a great number of helpful images.

Next on the list is Dr. Drew, whom you probably have seen on "Celebrity Rehab" and "Loveline". Dr. Drew is one of the country''s leading experts on mental health. With his tweets, you get great advice in addition to information on the things that Dr. Drew finds interesting.

If you are looking for more OB/GYN-focused information, you need to begin following the Twitter feeds by Shelley Binkley. Shelley Binkley of Western Colorado writes fantastic blogs related to advances in the field of sustainable healthcare and other women''s health issues. The followers of this feed are quite interactive, offering suggestions and sometimes criticism.

One of the best Twitter accounts to follow for women''s health information from a medical professional is the feeds by Dr. Steven Shuel. If you are ready to find out what is beyond the traditional confines of everyday gynecologists and doctors, you must follow Dr. Steven Shuel. His passion for natural healing is evident in his tweets about the latest dietary and nutritional inventions. You can get lots of links to the easiest, most natural ways to be healthier when you follow his tweets.

Sometimes nurses offer the best advice. One of the best nurses on Twitter is Dan Weberg, lovingly known by most as Nurse Dan. Dan Weberg is serving as a nurse in the Emergency Room while he works toward his PhD. He tweets about things that are going on in the hospital as well as about the things that he finds interesting.

You can join groups if you are interested in meeting and tweeting with other individuals interested in issues related to women''s health. Healthcare is a great place to find several tweets each day.

Even the government tweets about women''s health. Womenshealth is a feed sponsored by your tax dollars that comes from the United States Department of Health and Human Services. When you follow this Twitter account, you will find out information on several health issues concerning women today.

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