Twitter has become an excellent venue to find out about your favorite subject. It’s no wonder that sports nuts everywhere are tuned into their favorite Twitter accounts to stay on top of their favorite sports. Here are a few must reads on the list.

1. Locker Nerd: Sometimes you can just tell when somebody knows what they’re talking about. Such is the case with Locker Nerd because he is a sports nut and wants to share his love with others. If you want to find a few good Twitter accounts to follow, then this should most definitely be included on the list. You can get a real point of view and some hard core statistics on just about all your favorite sports. If you do happen to be a sports nut, then you will be happy to follow along and may even learn a thing or two.

2. The Sports Diva: This is kind of a fun account to follow as it’s a different point of view than the rest. If you want to tune in to see what a woman thinks who just so happens to know her sports, then try out this account. You can keep up with her real life account and very educated point of view, which makes for an interesting read along the way.

3. NBA Fan House: You can find an account for just about every sport out there, and this one happens to be a great one for the basketball lover. The reports and feeds usually come in directly from the game, so it’s sure to be up to the minute action. You can also get access to other lovers of the NBA just like you and chat it up about all things basketball which can be a lot of fun too.

4. Sports By BROOKS: It’s his thing, it’s what he does, and he happens to be very good at it. The sports nut can really get behind this account because he has been at this since 2001, and brings some great information and hard core data about most sports. He’s a great one to follow, to learn from, and to pick up trivia and statistics about your favorite game that you might not pick up elsewhere. It’s well worth checking out to see what might be covered within your own sport of choice.

5. Everyday Should Be Saturday: Again there’s something for everyone and if you happen to be a lover of college football or sports at all, then this is a great one to follow. You can catch up on the latest schedules, tune in for the latest stats, or simply chat with others who share your lover of the game. This is a great type to start out with as you can learn about this specific sport and then move on to suit your own specific tastes. In no time at all, you’ll be hooked!

Sports nuts just can’t get enough of their precious hobby. These accounts allow you to keep tuned in and to learn a thing or two from those that spend their time writing about the games of choice.

M. Ellen Ward writes about how to get high quality sports management degrees

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