T-Mobile comes into the horizon once again with the latest product to give the phone market little impulse. What can be said astonishing here is that the newest smartphone that will be thrown into the market entitled myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition. The name sounds so familiar, right? Yes, T-Mobile is trying a new fortune in giving musical specification into the product.

T-Mobile takes the partnership with Fender to complete the phone with more specified musical features for those who love music and this would remind you about iPhone with its tremendous music features or that popular Android’s default music player. 

Let’s take a small tour to T-Mobile myTouch 3G. The package of this smartphone looks attractive and serious. Giving the real feel of its partnership, Fender, myTouch’s package is a representation of high quality feel with its zippered case accompanied by a pick-shaped logo to the crushed velvet pouch. Opening the package, myTouch appears and is housed in faux sunburst fiddleback maple.

Additionally, upgraded applications are presented better than the previous versions. The specialty of this Fender version leads myTouch into more music-oriented smartphone. It seems like a serious effort to get the same impression with iPhone. A typical feel of T-Mobile swept out the curiosity at the first look when some T-Mobile features are presented with a few key differences. Thus, the availability of Android’s music player has been replaced by HTC’s. To transfer the music into the headphone or speaker lineout, myTouch is equipped with 3.5mm jack placed on the upper right edge.

Moreover, there are two distinctive applications particularly designed for musicians especially guitarist. The first one is Musical App that provides metronome, tuner, and tone generator. Attractive additions like keyboards and percussion instruments also included in this application in which you can use them as a MIDI controller over Wi-Fi. The second app is Solo Lite. This application offers on screen guitar stripped-down version for a little guitar practice.

However, T-Mobile myTouch also suffers from little drawbacks. For example, the both application – Musical and Solo Lite – give small difficulties to perform a real feel of guitar stuff on narrowed interface but, yet, they are entertaining applications. Also, the jack produces little disturbing noise while the music is being played on, it seems that T-Mobile need to install noise suppression for the coming device. (fallen)

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