Sony Ericsson adds a new variant on its mobile phone collections with a tremendous addition which is 12.1 megapixel camera. It is a breathtaking addition seeing that Satio is the first smartphone that equipped with the highest resolution ever exist on any camera phone. This astonishing innovation undoubtedly gives Satio greatest salutation.

Specifically, Satio has an average size for a mobile phone with tolerable weight of 126g. Its tablet case contains of various menu almost in all over parts of its frame. At front, a large touchscreen interface offers 360 x 640 pixels resistive display. This interface is capable to display 16 million colors and adaptable toward the brightness light of the sun. At the back side of the phone, the camera is placed on the upper part hidden under the sliding covers.

Furthermore, microSD memory card slot provides you the availability of external storage installed on the left side of the case and near to the card slot there is port to plug the charging, data, and headphone cables. As addition, a key to switch the lock mode is also available there. You will also find other functional features like front-facing camera, ambient light sensor, and LED that gives you notification of incoming or new messages and calls. Common features existed in typical smartphone is also included in here. This camera phone is equipped with xenon flash, led focus or assisting led during the video recording. On the right side of this mobile phone, features to simplify the commands of volume key, zoom key, gallery button, camera shutter down, and camera mode button are arranged neatly. 

Over all, Satio offers you simple and accessible features with many shortcut keys on the surface. The promising quality camera with its biggest pixels could be another good point to put Satio into your lists. (fallen)

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