Apple has engrossed most phone users since the launching of iPhone. This smartphone is proved become popular and hold a tremendous change with the attractive package it brings. iPhone popularity has been reaching every corner of the world. It is proved by how the selling rate of this smartphone is increasing from time to time. This great development leads into a promising future for iPhone users.

iPhone covers more than half of smartphone users in the worldwide world. It means that iPhone users are more in the quantity than other manufacturers exist. For example, in North America, 52 percents of smartphone users prefer iPhone. Whereas in Western Europe, the percentage of users that pick this Apple product reaches 78 percents.

Compare to these two countries, in Africa and Asia iPhone is growing rapidly too. Even though in these both continents Nokia hold the highest percentage, which is 53 percents in Africa and 50 percents in Asia, Apple’s share rose to 27 percents. In addition, in Eastern Europe Apple covers up more than a half of OS share. While in North America, Android OS reaches 27 percents and for the worldwide level it accomplishes 16 percents.

However, Apple’s great raise is an outcome of many users who are satisfied in using this smartphone. With a great number of users and also followed by a great expectation of other Apple products to come, this manufacturer is not losing its prospect that smartphone users might be still choosing this device in the future. (fallen)