Comes to line up with iPhone and Mac, Apple has announced a new computing product under their license called iPad. iPad is tablet computer which Apple stated will be different from other tablets computer spread in the mainstream market.

Specifically, iPad is designed to be more supportive device. A 9.7” interface is IPS capacitive multitouch display with 1024x768 resolutions. This screen is able to present onscreen QWERTY keyboard with double modes both portray and landscape. Dealing with its capacity, Apple iPad is powered by 1 GHz Apple A4 chip and offers optional flash storage of 16 – 64 GB.

Besides, other marvelous features equipped in this tablet computer are reliable. As a mean for connectivity, iPad is equipped with 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR. You can go surfing the Web, receiving or sending emails, and downloading music, videos, or computer applications.

Through iPad tablet computer, surfing is no longer plain and boring. You will be able to read ebooks using eBooks application. A direct music or video downloading in iTunes is a piece of cake now. Besides the connectivity, you can get other valuable features in Apple iPad like microphone, speaker, 30-pin connector, compass, and accelerometer. Additionally, there are more improved additional features you can get but this will cost you more expensive price of iPad. These features including 3G chip – which assist you to do web browsing when you are on the run and iWork support. The 3G models are priced differently depends on the speed capacity.

Over all, above all these enhancements, iPad is valuable tablet computer for people who mobilized a lot and need computer assistance during the trip since the battery can supply the power for 10 hours. (fallen)

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