Handset manufacturer Motorola, has launched the new generation of its smartphone which called MotorolaDROID. Through the name we can guess that this smartphone is based on the popular Android OS. With this system applied inside MotorolaDROID, certainly Motorola opens its way ahead to merge into the rapid development of the phone market. Since it is empowered by Android OS, many improvements found in thus phone seem boosting this phone capability.

Physically, MotorolaDROID is housed in rectangular case in black color. The whole body is pretty weight and big. This phone is equipped with 3.7” touchsreen interface with 440x854 pixel resolution and has capability to display 16 million colors. However, the touchscreen couldn’t enable users to perform the multitouch screen even though the Android OS has been injected to it.

The differ performance of this phone is that users will be able to rotate the screen to landscape or portrait mode. With each of this mode, the virtual keyboard will adjust its position according to the mode you select. Moreover, a real keyboard is equipped in slide mode to offer the easy way of typing, yet, users have options whether to choose the virtual keyboard or the real one.

Moreover, this phone brings a camera with 5.0 megapixels with LED flash. This camera can produce a high quality picture and an ability of video recording. Let’s get closer to this built-in system of MotorolaDROID. Beside the magnificent Android OS, the processor installed has 600MHz power and 256MB of RAM. There is also a slot memory that accommodate up to 32GB SDHC, as additional feature 16GB memory card is included in the selling package. The more impressive about this phone is that because of the Android OS this phone allows the users to perform internet connection via Verizon Wireless EVDO Rev A network.

Additionally, other features presented are Google Maps, GPS navigation system and an application to download MP3 straight from Amazon MP3 store. (fallen)

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