Android fever attacks the world of communication and technology. It is not only a piece of improvement, but a bunch of upgraded systems. Recently, Android is developed to balance the rapid improvement of various contents and mobile services. So far, the high-tech system Android brings is much higher than the other smartphones had ever offered. Practically, Android will become most phones’ basic system in the future.

Certain smart phone vendors are already proposed Android to be included on their following smartphone systems. They are competing to be the best vendor that carries the improved system on their product and Android is hoped would place them on this challenging mobile industry. Similar to ZTE which is recently going to launch their smartphone based on Android system to public, LG has also made preparation regarding to Android system attachment. LG don’t want to be left behind either as this South Korean Company has arranged the plan to sell plenty of smartmobile based on this new system in 2010.

Smart phone users express a high expectation and demand that this Android system to be available in a big stock. Apparently, in 2010, LG has arranged to produce and supply more than 10 million units of Android-based system smartphone. When people begin to realize the advantages of using Android-based system, their demand could be increase in a significant number. Hopefully, more smartphone companies will make more investments on the research and development of Android. Thus, the revolution in communicating industry has its strike. (fallen)

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