Apple manages to keep on the lead with Apple tablet-based device, a brand new product of Apple about to launch in early 2010. A familiar source of Apples stated, this product will be as smart as the other released products like iPhone, iPod, and Macs. Apple insists that this new tablet product is not likely a way to compete netbook and it is not even a netbook. This new table PC is just a new form of investing in Apple’s mobile computing franchise.

Apple includes significant improvements on this product to differentiate it from any other common netbook in the market. Obviously, Apple is trying to shove away the idea of “cheap” on their product, that’s why they keep refusing to say this computing device is the Apple’s netbook. They prove it with the description that the features included inside this device will be multi-touch patents, and Apple tablet is totally different to typical portable netbook.

This computing device is rumored to have 7” – 10” screen. With the multi-touch technology inserted in this device, Apple tablet is predicted to be a touchscreen portable tablet computing device, not a netbook. Furthermore, this new category of Apple’s product would be optimized with an operating system. This OS will be operating much better than Apple’ s mobile OS or maybe a modification of Mac OS X version. The clue given that this product will unlike any other portable product in the market.

Saying about market, Apple have the control of its market. Refusing to be one of cheap netbook producers, this tablet computing device priced about $500 to $700. Perfect price for best quality. The launce of this portable tablet is planned on early 2010, and it is expected than the product will repeat the success of iPod in 2001 and iPhone in 2007. (fallen)

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