Following the new rumor of Apple Tablet launching, another big news has come into view. The new improvisation and invention has been made by one of world’s best computing company NVIDIA. Lately, NVDIA held a press conference introducing Tegra 2 platform, the new generation of Tablet super thin slate computer. This platform seems to be a way for NVIDIA to bring a new era for mobile computing space.

Accordingly, Tegra 2 has been working on this new chipset big project to present a leading improvisation in mobile computing device. The strengths represented by this new chip set would be more powerful processing power, gaming support, and longer battery life. This modification were developed under the observations of recent consumers needs.

On its presentation, NVIDIA exemplified the prerelease tablet product from several manufacturers including Compal, ICD, MSI, ASUS, Mobinova, and Quanta. The presentation itself covers an internet browsing demo where it is seen the fast page opens swiftly. Furthermore, the 1080P flash is installed to smoothen the video streaming from You Tube for instance. With the specifications of 8 Independent processors, Dual-Core Coretex-A9 CPU, 10x Performance, and 500 milliwatt Power Consumption, no doubt that this new product will be a tough computing device that hit computer industry.

The battery capacity Tegra 2 provides offers up to 140 hours of music playback and 16 hours of HD video playback. Additionally, for gaming, NVIDIA is supported by Unreal gaming engine. Consumers can now play the latest games with this Tegra 2. (fallen)

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