Trusted brands have now positively held people trust. As you can see recently many phone company with well known brand compete to create smarter and more reliable cell phone.

This is not without difficult because people who concern about improvement always expects more supportive phone to assist them and this brings a great challenge to cell phone developer. Among those competing companies, Apple always puts its effort ahead to grab world’s attention. After launching the latest product, iPhone 3GS, Apple is now developing the unreleased product iPhone 4G which has become a big rumor.

This rumor arouse after one Taiwanese technology company Goldman Sachs Group admit that right now they are developing some vital elements for iPhone 4G. Further information given is that this smart phone will be improved and innovated much better than iPhone 3GS. It is not only the look but also the capability.

Besides making the improvisation on hardware and software, the exterior part of this phone is also become another focus to develop. In fact, iPhone 4G will be housed in lighter material. While iPhone 3GS cases with metal material, iPhone 4G is built with high quality plastic case, the same material is used in Apple Magic Mouse.

The significant change in iPhone 4G is the camera installed in it. The previous iPhone 3GS is using 3.2 megapixel camera, whereas for iPhone 4G a 5 megapixel camera will be inserted. It means, iPhone 4G will have an equal capability in taking picture as good as Google’s Nexus One. However, the information about what features this iPhone 4G offers remain unclear. (fallen)

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