HTC HD2HTC HD2 is a based-on Windows Mobile Smartphone that presents the users with many improved and attractive features. Windows Mobile sounds so old fashioned today, but with HTC HD2, the Windows system seems suitable and perfect. Along with this system, Windows Mobile makes the smartphone more progressive by adding up a horsepower through the 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU.

This revolutionary smartphone now includes a huge capacitive touchscreen of 4.3” in size. Through this giant interface, users can enjoy a smooth and ultra-responsive interface where animations and transitions are presented in glorious 3D manner. Also, users can now enjoy the attractiveness features like the real feeling of polish, tweets, messages, and email appearing in 3D. Furthermore, pictures and videos are no more arranged in monotonous line because they are arranging themselves as animated heaps.

For this leading interface, HTC HD2 achieves a critical acclaim for the HTC Hero interface named Sense UI. After having been improvised by mixing it with the old TouchFlo 3D interface and enhance it by combining new UI onto HD2, HTC HD2 gains a satisfying result that it is much faster than HTC Hero. Certainly, HTC Hero has capability of running five times faster with bigger and prettier graphics, in fact HTC HD2 has more than this capability. Users can prove it by checking how video is running on this capacitive interface.

Talking about surfing the web, with this giant interface, users can make video watching and browsing more exciting now. The extra size of the screen comforts the users as good as desktop. So, you don’t need to zoom in the video just to see it clearly.

It is obvious that HTC HD2 must put its track in the competition among other smart phones like Android phones, iPhones, and Palm, but HTC has its own market. HTC HD2 is able to zooming on pictures or maps like iPhone. Furthermore, supportive features like Microsoft Office product runs perfectly in this smartphone. You can edit your pending works wherever you are by using Word documents, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, or just to sync your Outlook contacts, everything is so easy to do now. In fact, HTC HD2 Microsoft Office product is much better than other platforms.

However, there are always weaknesses in every product including this HTC HD2. First, the 5 megapixel camera doesn’t guarantee you to have a good quality captured pictures. It is not as best as the other camera with the same power in the market. You may find pink spots in the middle of the camera. Whereas the video also suffers the same drawbacks. The video playback is giving unsatisfied result. For example, this phone plays the MPEG 4 video with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels with a bad sound and it is often out of sync.

Third, unfortunately, most users found the Windows Mobile interface uninteresting. It is ugly and old-fashioned. Even though HTC has a great interface, it doesn’t help the uninteresting of old Windows Mobile. Furthermore, the double applications – one from the windows Mobile and the other comes from HTC version itself – is sometimes applied the same things at different times.

Therefore, you have your preference on your hands! (fallen)

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