This month would be HTC’s turn to throw its latest gadget into market. Exactly on June 15, the company shall release HTC Sensation 4G, the Android-based device, and make it available in T-Mobile stores. This new model is believed to continue its predecessor, HTC MyTouch 4G which had been raising its popularity earlier.

Besides to be standing on T-Mobile’s display, HTC Sensation 4G will also be available on Wal-Mart three days before hitting T-Mobile store. Just like how it likely it should be, the HTC device comes with two-year contract. The details about its price said you can bring Sensation home for $199.99 after a $50 rebate.

Operating system runs inside HTC Sensation is Android 2.3 or well-known as Gingerbread version, and the maker believes it is their most powerful smartphone, so why does this smartphone claimed to be so powerful? The major specifications included that represent this is that as Sensation is equipped with a 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 8MP rear-facing camera couples the dual LED flash, 4.3-inch touchscreen interface, a front-facing camera with 1080p HD video recording, and digital zoom and auto-focus.

Instead of being claimed as powerful device, HTC Sensation is fortunately giving unclear information toward users about the “4G” thing it advertised. After further analysis, it was found out that HTC Sensation does not actually support 4G speeds. Similar to MyTouch which doesn’t actually enable the 4G speeds, Sensation supports 14.4 Mbps downstream/5.76 Mbps uploads which means it only connects to the Web at HSPA+ 14.4, whereas T-Mobile stated should be a minimum for 4G.

Users are feared to mislead the 4G advertisement and it is not impossible for them to get disappointed after purchasing the device. Well, it sounds pretty hard to say whether this Sensation 4G is doubtful or the company should make a better way to confirm this 4G ability to users. Therefore, you should gather much information about HTC Sensation to dig more details of how this smartphone works as well as the powerful specifications it brings.

But users who don’t really mind about the 4G thing, the Sensations’s major specifications are great – let’s mention the powerful processor and magnificent camera - and this smartphone should be very useful. Users who demand the device can make the purchase through T-Mobile online and retail stores next June 15. Again, it will also be on Wal-Mart earlier on June 12 for those who can’t wait any longer.