Motorola is going to try another fortune by rolling out the latest device called Droid 2 to follow its successor Droid X. As you can see that Droid X achieved a great selling rate all over the country and it seems that Droid 2 is designed to repeat the Droid X success in hitting the phone market.

Motorola has decided to pick Verizon to be the only carrier for Droid 2 but public hasn’t received any official details about the device. The prediction from PC World stated that Droid 2 may come with pre-installed Android 2.2 which is assumed as the newest version of the mobile operating system and Droid 2 is the first phone to come with this pre-installed system. In fact, the Android 2.2 is also designed for limited use for some Android phone owners.

According to the details showed through leaked pictures you may see on internet, the Droid 2 is physically twin to the original Droid. Although the frames are quite similar, Droid 2 has been equipped with more improved features like 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 8 GB of internal storage memory, and a 5MP camera. Thus, it seems that the features or specifications mentioned above are the right ones for Android 3.0 that is rumored to be the next generation of Droid version that should be rolled out in the upcoming year.

Thereafter, Motorola is predicted to release the new feature called MotoBlur skin that will be able to replace the standard look of the Android. This new design will show the new way of how the news from Facebook, local information from the major menu, or the recent text messages will be displayed.

Furthermore, the Droid X that has been released earlier than the Droid 2, and the original Droid as well, will be improved with Android 2.2 upgrade which is going to be available next month. In fact, other devices from leading companies such as HTC’s Evo 4G or Samsung’s Galaxy S are reported to receive the same Android 2.2 upgrade at the same month.

Indeed, the limited availability of Android 2.2 for majority of Android phone owners can be really disappointing. However, many Android-based phone owners seem like really enthusiastic learning that the upgrades of Android 2.2 for other phones are going to be available soon. And the public will keep waiting for Samsung to deliver the official information dealing with Droid 2 as well as its marvelous and newest Android operating system.

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