It is quite surprising when Hewlett-Packard called off its plans to roll out its Android tablet that was previously predicted to come to public in the fourth of 2010. Actually, many have expected the great moment when the device becomes the tough competitor to Apple’s iPad. This cancellation is surely occurred not without reason and HP seems to have two reasons in postponing the Android tablet release.

Back to three month past, the company was in a big confusion when it had several options of operating system to support and power the tablet it has planned to create. In fact, there were no sides that offer HP the excellent operating system that is able to control the hardware and software completely. HP was really serious in finding the right operating system because it is one vital way to combat Apple’s device.

At first, HP was facing the choices of Microsoft’s Windows 7 or Android from Google. But finally, the decision was final when the company proceeded to buy Palm’s webOS for $1.2 billion in April. According to Brian Humphries, the senior vice-president for corporate strategy and development at HP stated regarding the Palm deal announcement that Palm webOS and Apple are basically the two that are able to give best shot over multiple devices and with the support from Palm webOS the company is about to create the device in broader mobile category to compete with Apple.

Viewing this situation, HP seems taking the risk to deal with Google if it deals with the competition with Apple. With the decision to incorporate with Palm, HP doesn’t need to involve the Android in its tablet in the near time. As an alternative, the company can pay more attention to develop the webOS into its smartphone and when it fails, HP has the option to pick Android.

Furthermore, the second reason that highlights the cancellation of Android-based tablet is concerning the prediction that there is no Android tablet manufactured today that will be successful because of Android itself. In fact, the newest Android version 2.2 called Froyo seems like too limited for a tablet. As illustration, the Android operating system supports the highest resolution of 854 x 480 and it is suitable for the Motorola Droid X that comes with a 4.3-inch screen and the conclusion is that Android will not become best support for tablet that commonly has 6 to 10-inch range of screen dimension.

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