Travelling abroad for both business trips and holidays is somehow a wonderful moment. But if you travel abroad a lot, this could be spending more than you guess, especially with the mean of communication which is iPhone. Therefore, there are several advices for you to avoid the roaming cost whenever you are in different sides of the world.

What are exactly you’re supposed to do to your iPhone when you are abroad? Well, since international rates for communication charges you with higher cost, one important thing you should do before you go abroad is disabling the voicemail. iPhone has Visual voicemail feature so you will be able to receive voicemail from someone, so whether you listen to it or not, it keeps charging you with high rate. One way to disable the voicemail is by typing #004# and call, to enable it back just type *004# and call. 

Unfortunately, the networks over the globe are not always supporting this alternative, therefore you need to call your operator support to disable the visual voicemail feature in your iPhone.

Certainly, several applications in fact need the internet connection. Whenever you receive emails which are automatically sent to you or when you must send important email, you will probably get shocked with the amount of data applications consumption even for a normal web browsing and email. Learning that international rates charge you higher, it is recommended for you to disable the data roaming. You can also clear the data counter to monitor the exact charge you spend whenever you switch on the data roaming.

Furthermore, you can manage the roaming charges by enabling the flight mode in your phone, especially when you don’t expect any calls. By stopping the incoming calls, you can prevent the battery form dropping out faster. Also, with the flight mode, you can save the bill from the internet data roaming. By activating this mode, you will still be able to use your wireless whenever there is Wi-Fi hotspot around. Moreover, since you are preventing the data roaming charges, downloading the Google maps before you leave the country will be best solution so you don’t need to go over internet to get the right directions.

Visiting abroad means visiting countries with different languages, therefore prepare your iPhone with offline translation application can be really helpful. Of course this alternative comes out knowing that iTranslate equipped in your iPhone enables to apply Google translate only if you are connected to the internet, thus by spending little more for offline version would be better than spending lots for using international rates connectivity. (fallen)

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