Tracing back to its history, Windows Mobile Device Center was firstly used to synchronize Windows CE based devices with Windows operating system before it is used to Windows Vista. The primary release for public is the beta version that was designed for Windows Vista RC1 on October 2006. Later on, the official one was available for download on February 2007.

This center for Windows Mobile Devices then released Windows Vista with basic connectivity of 6.1 version which is available for Pocket PC 2000 and Pocket PC 2002. Furthermore, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are other versions of Windows that enable Windows Mobile Device Center.

Specifically, Windows Mobile Device Center provides the ability to integrate data in multiple Windows applications for users, whereas Windows Vista offers a base driver built-in to interface Windows Mobile devices in Windows Explorer. According to base driver included in Windows Vista, users will be able to browse device, copy files, and sync with Windows Media Player.

The complete synchronization can be executed for complete functionality including synchronization of calendar data, tasks, email, contact, and so on through Microsoft Outlook.

On the other hand, Windows Mobile Devices should be downloaded firstly as well as its additional drivers. Unfortunately, Windows Mobile Device Center is not supporting the synchronization with Windows Calendar, Windows Mail, Windows Contacts, Outlook Express and Outlook versions before the Outlook 2003.

To enable the connection or the synchronization, users can use Bluetooth, USB, and sometimes Serial for legacy issue that requires Windows Registry alternation. For more details, here are several significant abilities of Windows Mobile Device Center; photos with Windows Photo Gallery, videos with Windows Media Player, PIM information with Microsoft Outlook 2003 and later, music with Windows Media Player, favorite with Internet Explorer, Windows Mobile Programs and version updates, and Folders/General files with Windows Explorer.

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