Sony Ericsson rolls its latest two walkman phones to the mainstream market recently, Sony Ericsson Spiro and Sony Ericsson Zylo. These new models are offered with inexpensive price and are designed for both entertainment and basic phone use. The release of these phones are assumed as a new step from Sony Ericsson to move back to its famous brands, definitely after pulling back on the low-end market in the previous year.

This Zylo and Spiro are designed to suit the human curve design over the Sony Ericsson portfolio. Thus, users may feel the convenient experience in using these devices and they will be familiar with the use and features in the phone easily. The attractive look is completed with two eye-catching colors available which are black and pink.

Tracing back to its record, the first success Sony Ericsson gained regarding its special walkman phone was started in 2005 after reaching over 130 million units sold. Afterward, Sony Ericsson has been paying more attention in enhancing this walkman phone series to carry out its astonishing success. Learning the users’ expectation over this walkman phone devices, Sony Ericsson decided to enlarge its walkman phone range to a wider spectator.

In details, these new models feature more than walkman phone capability which is the social networking. Therefore, users would have the opportunity to access and enjoy the Communication Entertainment portfolio that will already be available to use. Besides the feature, it seems that these models also come with particular deals like Sony Ericsson Zylo contracts.

Additionally, there will be more than satisfying features the users get along with the contracts offered. One of the special offers is the mobile deals with free gifts. Definitely, users will have the chance to get special free gifts after they pick the deal. The free gifts are available in various types of gifts including Sony PSP, Nintendo Wii, Microsoft Xbox 360, laptops, and of course cash back. It seems everything is too worth to miss.

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