Once again, Nokia places its new models on its lineup, Nokia E5 and Nokia C3. It is confirmed that both models will be focus on the messaging feature and social networking. The first model belongs to Symbian S40 smartphone, Nokia C3. This Nokia C3 deals with the improved appearance because this would be the first S40 phone comes with a full QWERTY keyboard.

Accordingly, users will now be able to access the social networks and update their status, comment, or even only to view it. The ease of use of this smartphone is the ability to share pictures through Facebook or Twitter instantly on the home screen. Even though Nokia C3 is priced cheaper than E5, users will get additional features like Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat so they can have the email and chat account set up right through from their phone.

Specifically, besides the attractive color preferences which are slate gray, hot pink, and golden white, C3 includes other features like Wi-Fi, 2-megapixel camera, 2.4-inch screen, and memory up to 8GB. Furthermore, similar to these C3 features, Nokia E5 features may as well be very valuable.

Nokia E5 is another model to release in the nearer future that follows its predecessor’s capability, E72 and E63, even with more advancement in business features that covers over 90% of the world’s corporate email system. This Symbian S60 smartphone enables users to utilize Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler. Additionally, the further applications of Nokia E5 deals can be downloaded from Ovi Store.

Regarding the use of smartphone, many users should be aware about the right mobile phone contracts to choose. According to this contract, the types of smartphone, like Nokia, may decide the kind of contracts and it will be included in the monthly bills depends on the preferred tariff plans. Several common things users should consider related to these contracts are budget, the payment deals, the terms and conditions required. Moreover, if users are interested in best cheap deals, they should think about the estimation of how many calls they are going to make, to whom, and to which type of networks.

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