Apple has given the signals to many iPad, iPhone, and iPod users about some new features in the next iPhone operating system which has been hot topics recently. Apple plans the update version of this new OS will pack many punches for developers. It is confirmed that Apple will enable the developers the access to 1.500 new APIs as well as iPhone or iPad features.  This has to be good news learning that previously it was only Apple that was able to access the iPhone and iPad features. This update for iPhone and iPod Touch is planned to be due out this summer whereas for iPad should be due out in the fall.

Generally speaking, Apple claimed that there are more than 100 new features will be introduced at the iPhone OS 4.0 event so developers and users will have slight vision about how the new updated OS will perform. Furthermore, there will be seven highlighted features which is called ‘tent poles’ to be featured in the coming update. It is mentioned that the new features will be game changers as the focal point.

Since the third party developers were being involved a couple years ago, the only features had become the most-requested one is the ability to run multiple apps at one time and to allow apps running in the background to continue to access network and internet resource. Previously, Apple argued that the multitasking and background apps may cause the device’s performance to process slower and the battery will be running out faster.

Regarding the multitasking ability, Apple did not merely let all apps in the multitasking to run at once and perform all their functions at the same time like other platforms.  Apparently, Apple will observe first the types of functions background apps need and create services that give multitasking apps access to those basic needs. This way, the basic processes will be able to carry out.

Therefore, Apple provides the developers for seven highlighted services like playing audio, access to VoIP features that enables you to talk in the middle of performing other apps, updating location data, enhanced push notifications, app-generated notifications, auto-completion on the tasks of uploading and downloading data once the user switches apps, and the last one is the faster switching between applications with the ease of automatic saving of the app’s current state. These seven features should give significant improvement to this new OS.

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