Besides texting and calling, what most phone users do with their smartphone is downloading stuffs from the internet. If they have gaming smartphone they will download latest games applications, if their smartphone is music series they might download music and videos, and to be honest there are lots of things users might download through their smartphone. These things happen to iPhone as well.

The common obstacle they find during the downloading time is the download capacity. For most iPhone users, they often get notification to switch to Wi-Fi each time they download bigger file which is not supported over 3G networks. As you know that iPhone download capacity to download over 3G networks is only 10MB. Therefore, the latest news announced by Apple is quite relieving because it has improved the download capacity from 10MB to be 20MB now.

The increase will give advantage for iPhone users. Whenever you out from Wi-Fi range, 3G networks allow you to download bigger files like videos or podcast now. Speaking of the download capacity, the upcoming Apple product, iPad, could be equipped with higher download capacity, perhaps over than 20 MB seeing that iPad has higher resolution graphic, complex applications, and also heavier multimedia contents.

Moreover, this download capacity addition will not bring about problems on wireless networks. Sort of network problem is actually occurred in wire networks like AT&T whenever the traffic is over loaded. However, apart from the problems AT&T suffered, Apple is going to build deal for 3G connectivity with AT&T.

The deal is made as preparation to welcome the 3G-enabled iPads. Concerning about the following exclusivity between AT&T and iPhone, AT&T should work harder to handle the Apple’s traffic demanding products. Additionally, the good news appeared lately is that AT&T has enabled the Sling Player 3G streaming on the iPhone. (fallen)

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