The latest MacBook Air had been announced in October and this machine gives a convenient experience for the users. It is not only the specifications which are valuable, but also the responsive machine it presents. Take a brief look to the physical profile, MacBook Air brings changes in design compared to the previous laptops. This newest MacBook is really thin and light weighed.

Move to other parts, you can examine that the lid and base are designed differently from the older models since they are not as rounded around the edges. Being thinner than the old models, MacBook Air has 0.68-inch thickness at the hinge and tapering down to 0.11-inch at the opening.

Furthermore, MacBook Air is equipped with 13.3-inch display with 1440 x 900 pixels, this means that this machine has better resolution that the predecessor. In fact, MacBook Air also comes in smaller version which is the 11-inch model. This 11-inch machine has an 11.6-inch screen at 1266 x 768 resolutions. The 13.3-inch MacBook has USB port and SD card reader, whereas the 11-inch doesn’t include SD card slot.

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You surely have heard that Apple has launched its TV and you might expect to hear the latest news about it. Well, unfortunately the latest news is not that pleasing because it seems there are several things Apple should reconsider about its TV. It is rumored that Apple TV is too expensive to watch especially when you watch anything presented through gadget and it seems Apple doesn’t give so much stuff to watch.

The first example of TV program in Apple’s TV that seems pretty frustrating is the so-called ‘first-run’ movie. The truth is the movie is not the first-run because it is still playing in theaters. In fact, you can even rent the same movie from Blockbuster or get it through Netflix or Redbox.

Another show which seems to become a failure is the 99-cent TV show. At first glance you may think it is cheap, but you should notice that you may have to pay more than $24 per season. The worse, you must make another payment if you want to watch the episode once again. Compared to other TV cables, 99-cent can be much cheaper only if you select a limited set of shows.

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The world is overwhelmed with the emergence of magnificent Apple’s iPad and a great number of tablet that take Google’s Android operating system onboard, in fact the worldwide audiences are still waiting for more breathtaking technology to come. Answering many technology enthusiasts’ expectations, Hewlett-Packard is on its way to roll out its webOS tablet next year, according to its official announcement.

Meanwhile, the company is putting serious efforts to persuade software developers to write application for the mobile device the company is about to manufacture. But viewing the endless euphoria of iPad and Android-based tablets, it seems that getting the software developers to design the app for this upcoming HP tablet may be a hard task to do.

Previously, after purchasing Palm for $1.2 billion, HP tried the luck in combining the webOS with Palm device which is Palm Pre. Of course the primary launching invited critical acclaims and warm welcoming for the elegant design and sophisticated feature included, however the webOS and Palm Pre seemed not working very well as a pair. It means that Palm Pre was unable to join the tough competition with Apple’s iPhone. Apparently, the main problem conflicts this Palm Pre in market is the lack of mobile applications.

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As one of leading companies in international market, Apple never stops developing its electronic gadgets. Almost every device Apple produces gained tremendous popularity and Apple users around the world are satisfied with the product they purchased. From the iPhone first generation that reached international success, iPad then followed its successor to attract many people to try the new form of computing device.

Learning that Apple never stops innovating as well, Apple is expected to keep continuing its project to roll out more innovative devices. Thus, after gaining extraordinarily success from its devices like iPod, iPhone, and the recently released iPad, Apple returns the focus on finishing its revamp and forgotten TV called iTV.

According to Engadget, Apple will hold official announcement over iTV in the fall. The company decided to trim down some features on this revamp TV which are 160GB hard disk drive and the 1080p playback support. As replacement, Apple will pack iTV as Flash memory and A4 chip-enabled unit. Still in the regard to Engadget’s report, iTV will run Apple’s iOS4. This way, iTV will be able to run numerous applications you find in iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

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Looking for the real protection for your iPhone or precious iPad can be really easy if you search over the cyber space, thank you for the great development of internet because you are now even able to purchase everything you want without leaving your couch.

Seriously, you can buy anything online including the beautiful design of iPhone 4 Case and iPad Cases. The designs as well as the color selections are astonishingly attractive. This site smoothen your search by providing you the featured cases and covers for both iPhone and iPad.

Well, just to mention one or two from the numerous selections in featured cases, you should see the top-selling iPhone cases Barely There 2.0 for iPhone 4 that comes as ultra thin case. This case is almost unnoticeable because it is made from ultra-thin ABS-plastic coupled organic materials. Colored in black, the case looks more stunning.

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