With the release of iPhone 4, it is highly expected that people would try to purchase the suitable iPhone 4 cases so that they would protect the phone well. However, many people who are new to purchase the iPhone cases would find that the case they obtain is not good in terms of quality.

If you do not want to be one of those people who purchase problematic cases, you may consider purchasing a Case Mate iPhone 4 case. It is because the cases from this brand are good in terms of quality and there are several reasons explaining why you should choose cases from this brand.

First of all, case mate iPhone 4 cases are cheaper compared with other famous brands in the market. It is because this company is actually a very large company making cases for cell phones in the world nowadays. In different parts of this world, you could find shops selling cases from this brand. Therefore, the bulk manufacture of products could enable this company to reduce the price of cases so case mate iPhone 4 cases are actually cheaper.

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Admirers of Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Series who are on a limited budget can wear a smile on their faces as the Xperia X8 becomes available to them at a much lower price. The consumer-centred Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8 touchscreen phone is aimed at users who want a mid-level handset without breaking the bank. The best place to find cheap phones is online and you can compare all of these on comparison websites.

Just like its smaller sibling, the tiny X10 Mini, the X8 has the capability to specify a particular shortcut to every corner of the phone’s touchscreen. Apart from running Android, the device comes with Timescape UI, a social network aggregator, a range of multimedia applications, and fast Android Market access.

The Xperia X8 runs an older 1.6 version of the Android operating system (Donut) but Sony Ericsson announced that it can be upgraded to the 2.1 version. Upgrade or not, it won’t show on the phone’s screen as it will us the company’s signature "four-corners" graphic interface. You can pick up some real good Sony Ericsson X8 deals online from phone retailers.

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Motorola is going to try another fortune by rolling out the latest device called Droid 2 to follow its successor Droid X. As you can see that Droid X achieved a great selling rate all over the country and it seems that Droid 2 is designed to repeat the Droid X success in hitting the phone market.

Motorola has decided to pick Verizon to be the only carrier for Droid 2 but public hasn’t received any official details about the device. The prediction from PC World stated that Droid 2 may come with pre-installed Android 2.2 which is assumed as the newest version of the mobile operating system and Droid 2 is the first phone to come with this pre-installed system. In fact, the Android 2.2 is also designed for limited use for some Android phone owners.

According to the details showed through leaked pictures you may see on internet, the Droid 2 is physically twin to the original Droid. Although the frames are quite similar, Droid 2 has been equipped with more improved features like 1 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 8 GB of internal storage memory, and a 5MP camera. Thus, it seems that the features or specifications mentioned above are the right ones for Android 3.0 that is rumored to be the next generation of Droid version that should be rolled out in the upcoming year.

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It is quite surprising when Hewlett-Packard called off its plans to roll out its Android tablet that was previously predicted to come to public in the fourth of 2010. Actually, many have expected the great moment when the device becomes the tough competitor to Apple’s iPad. This cancellation is surely occurred not without reason and HP seems to have two reasons in postponing the Android tablet release.

Back to three month past, the company was in a big confusion when it had several options of operating system to support and power the tablet it has planned to create. In fact, there were no sides that offer HP the excellent operating system that is able to control the hardware and software completely. HP was really serious in finding the right operating system because it is one vital way to combat Apple’s device.

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With a lot of groundbreaking engineering and features packed in, the new Galaxy S i9000 is Samsung’s most technically advanced mobile device to date. The Samsung Galaxy S is loaded with heavy features such as a large 4-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen, huge storage capacity (up to 32 GB), Office functionality and a 5 megapixel digital camera. Using mobile phone comparison websites online can help you save money on your next phone like the Galaxy.

Power behind the phone

The i9000 smartphone has a fast ARM Cortex A8 1GHz processor running under the hood with Android v2.1 operating system (Éclair) and TouchWiz 3.0 UI riding on top. Powering the phone is a lithium-polymer 1500 mAh battery with talk time of up to 13 hours 30 min (2G) and up to 6 hours 30 min (3G).

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