Recently, Apple establishes the mutual cooperation with Qualcomm for its iPhone by ordering CDMA chips that is planned to run over Verizon Wireless network. The plan will be carried out into a realization in December and the product as well as the service is reported to be ready in January 2011.

According to trusted sources, the Apple’s order is in fact include millions of units of CDMA chipsets from Qualcomm. The submitted order of those chipsets that fulfill the plan for iPhone to run on Verizon network is due in December. Thus, it is obvious that the exact time of the order due in December is a significant preparation for January launch.

It is regrettable when the news that Verizon once rebuffed Apple’s offer to carry iPhone in 2007 that included a cut of customer’s monthly bill aroused. This incident brought about negative outcome which influence the costumers’ trust to Apple. However, Apple has been developing the CDMA iPhone since 2007 even though the same rumor still haunts the company.

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You cannot foresee how many gadgets or devices may bring risk for you. Actually, even the slightest risk should be prevented by many electronic devices manufacturers because this is dealing with consumers’ trust. The latest incident happened in Japan was when the first generation of iPod Nano music player was catching fire after significant overheating.

This incident led Apple’s Japanese unit to keep improving the warnings throughout the website, this is a following step should be carried out as the government has told the company to do so. According to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Apple Japan had struggled to take best step in maintaining the problems by giving warnings about it through websites and recalling the devices. From a weekend press release, it is found out that the company had submitted a report to the Trade and Industry Department.

Previously, after 27 overheating incidents occurred, the ministry finally delivered an order to Apple Japan to take precise actions to overcome the incidents. The incidents reported included six fires that caused minor burns to four people. Certainly, the action should be able to prevent other incidents as well as reduce the unpredictable risk that may come to Apple’s consumers.

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Many iPhone Apps are designed for easier use and it also has been enduring a significant improvement especially in the part of user interface. Surely, many people are enjoying the way iPhone interface displaying the features and for this reason iPhone UI becomes more famous now. Learning the popularity of iPhone apps and ease of use, other commercial employees and technicians decided to maneuver to Windows Mobile to seek further improvement because of the iPhone’s closed system.

For users who expect to have iPhone users interface in their Windows Mobile is now led to install a simple skin which runs simply like an application. This way, they can enjoy the iPhone interface attractively displayed on the current operating system. To apply the iPhone user interface is not a hard task to do because there are several easy steps you can follow to create iPhone-like Windows Mobile.

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The newly rolled-out cell phone from HTC, Droid Incredible, is designed to meet many users’ specifications and you won’t be surprised learning that this device is now called as "Google Nexus Two". According to iSuppli, this nickname comes out learning that HTC Droid is built with almost the same specification with Google Nexus as exemplified with the fact that Incredible includes the bill materials of $163 which is Nexus’s is $174.

The significant similarities found out when iSuppli analysis figured out that the HTC Droid Incredible and Google Nexus One are manufactured by the same company, HTC. This proof is quite surprising and some parties concluded this can be the reason why Droid Incredible is dubbed as Nexus Two. According to iSuppli’s principal analyst, Andrew Rassweiler, these two devices are very similar both in terms of costs and features. The only difference comes between these two smartphones is that the Droid Incredible runs over CDMA network utilized by Verizon in USA.

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The crowds are still hilarious toward the superb Apple’s iPad and the hot rumor spread to be Apple’s plan to roll out iPad mini and iPhone 5. While many users are also still relieving their curiosity over iPhone 4, this upcoming iPhone 5 may become a true phenomenon. The rumor arouse in the regard of iLounge’s post described the leaked details of iPods, iPhone 5, Bumper 2 + iPad mini on 2010-2011.

The rumor seems to have a high accurateness because it is said there is an anonymous source put the hands into the truth revealing the details of the devices, however consumers should realize that the rumor is imperfect. Apart from the accuracy or inaccuracy of this rumor, let’s take further details of those devices.

The next iPod is said to be launched in three versions which include iPod Nano, iPod Touch, and the smaller-screen iPod Shuffle. The last one can be a replacement and it carries 1.7-inch touchscreen display. Unfortunately, the anonymous source didn’t mention further details whether the new iPod Touch will be packed with a built-in camera or not.

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