I think everyone of us came across a situation when we lost somebody’s contact info and trying to make an email address search online by the user’s name, then most of the time we come up with no results.

The thing is that entering the name and the city doesn’t work. Some people choose not to share their info publicly as everybody’s worried about getting spam messages. The most common cases of getting bothered is when the marketing companies are sending you spam messages.

So it feels email address search with the help of public record search is simply a waste of time. I think that this might also be you your case but besides hiding some specific details about you, you can also use some other tips when getting a weird email.

The first thing to pay more attention is the email header. So what is it? The message except of the body also includes an additional header; it shows the chronological list about how the email message came from the sender to you. Most of the time the header meets the standard set in Internet RFC 822. But the thing here is that the sender can simply modify the necessary parts of the message- by covering his or her identity info. But this doesn’t apply to the simple users as most of the time they don’t know how to do it in a way so that they can escape the ID detection. They usually remove the entire header, but this is not that reliable as the same procedure needs to be done also with the disk and the ISP (which is responsible for deliver the email). The last part is especially difficult as the user is unlikely to have any access there to make any changes.

Email header can also help you out in case if you got a message and your spam detector didn’t filter them. Here you better take the initiative and make your own investigation of the email. The simplest solution will be using the email header to detect if the source is legitimate or is a good innovative job of the spammers.

The last question to be answered is the one about why we got spam messages in our inbox if we have a spam folder in our email accounts despite the continuous email check outs from the service provider. Nothing new- spammers are also good IT specialists how are looking for innovative ways of how to make their message include no suspect and make a lot of profit out of it. That’s why email service providers supply you with additional feature of ‘Report Spam’.

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