Nowadays, earning money is quite a difficult job. Unemployment has increased in most developed countries since the global economic credit crunch and many are still finding it difficult to get into employment. Prices of mobile phones and consumer gadgets are also mounting day by day as the technology is advancing. Everything is now automated and every transaction involves desktops, laptops, tablets, Smartphones, photography or gadgets. This has increased the demand of such devices as well.

People from all the sectors of the life try to get their own systems so they may work easily and freely. Firstly, the customers had the desktops but with the advancement of the technology, the users are mostly turning to the laptops as they are smaller in size, more are portable and much more powerful than what they used to be.

The users can take them anywhere they want to. The cost of a laptop is however higher in comparison to a desktop computer with similar specifications. If you are going to buy a laptop, then there are few performance related features that you should keep in mind. How well the laptops perform depend on some of the following components.

First of all the users have to see and check the CPU or the processor. This part is mainly responsible for the activities going on in the system. The speed of processing, generation of output after feeding the input and the multi-tasking efficiency all these and other such features are bound to this part of the laptops. The dual-core or quad-core chips are mainly used in the laptops. Along with these chips, if the clock or cache is provided as well then the system will rock and perform the transactions at higher speeds.

After the CPU, the graphics facility of any laptop is of vital importance. If you purchase a high-tech device but the view of the screen is not clear or not adjustable according to the eye-comfort resolution, then the device is of no use. If it’s mainly for work purposes such as Microsoft Office programs, any graphics card will be fine, however for gaming, videos and multimedia, it is best to have a better graphics card. The users may not only use it for basic office work but also use it as a multimedia device too. Aside from gaming and watching videos, some laptops and netbooks available on the market are also capable of playing 3D movies. If you watch movies, 3D capability is definitely something to consider.

There are two types of graphics either integrated or the dedicated. The difference between the two is that integrated graphics card are built in with the motherboard (the main large chip that connects all other chips) and a dedicated graphics card is a completely separate standalone graphics card built mainly by specialist graphics card manufacturers such as NVIDIA or ATI.

The other factor that is needed to look into is the RAM. This part is responsible for holding the data for the processor and makes the speedy processing possible. The laptops have company provided RAM as well as the insertion option with an extra RAM socket where you can easily insert the required amount of RAM to upgrade the speed of the system. A large RAM memory is advisable for those that carry out multitasking such as browsing the web with multiple tabs open, syncing other gadgets such as iPod or Smartphone, playing music etc.

Connectivity options also matter a lot. The device should have the options of getting connected to the internet via cable or through wireless devices according to the needs and requirements of the users. Both Wi-Fi and LAN connections are available with most laptops as standard but other connection types to consider are Bluetooth, number of USB slots, HDMI connection and monitor connection.

The battery life is surely an important factor to talk about. Although laptops are built to be mobile and portable so it can be carried around and used whilst travelling, it may not help much if the battery life is very poor. Another thing to consider is that laptops with larger screen sizes tend to consume more battery power than smaller screens.

The laptops are expensive equipments and very vulnerable to accidental damage. There’s gaps in between the keyboard keys so liquid can go through to the man compartments if a drink was spilt on it. Although they are built to be more mobile, they are not built to withstand heavy knockes so if it is dropped, the chips instead can easily get damaged. Many users tend to get laptop insurance, which not only covers virtually any form of accidental damage, but also covers the laptop against theft. If you want to cover your laptop or find out more on the type of insurance coverage available, you can check online for specialist gadget insurers like Protect your bubble. Theft insurance along with cover against damages is added bonus as laptops are very desirable equipments for thieves.

Author Bio:
Muhammad Azam is a blogger, freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in the gadget and technology market. He’s published many about various topics and for various respectable brands such as Protect your bubble who are a specialist insurer of gadgets and mobile phone cover.

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