Compared to other WLNA products spread on the market, Meru’s Virtual Cell Architecture offers much easier wireless application delivery. And it also works in particular way. For being different to many other Wi-Fi network vendors, Meru has major features that make it stands out among other popular vendors.

The features include single channel operation which means all Meru Access points run on the same RF channel. Meru Wireless doesn’t show any problem of mutual interference and there is a useful Meru Air Traffic Control. It also doesn’t need RF channel planning.

Other features also bring more advantages such as ‘Zero Delay Roaming’ that will disconnect the active connection when wireless clients roam between Meru access points and Meru offers more efficient contention management that allows you to have further support on each Meru Access point.

QoS which is equipped with uplink and downlink control is provided to control WLAN media access. The wireless client ‘Roaming’ occurred over Meru network result in zero packet loss since wireless clients do not work an actual ‘802.11 roam’ between Meru Aps.

Another principal point about Meru is its channel layering. Meru channel layering is explained as single-channel operation because every Virtual Cell needs only single RF channel to be able to provide a seamless layer of WLAN coverage and service throughout an entire network.

Meanwhile, Meru Networks Controllers play role as the center of Meru’s virtualized wireless LANs which concentrating on access point management and configuration. It synchronizes access point in order to improve network performance by escaping the mutual interference and by handling traffic on the network.

Some series of Meru wireless controllers flood the market include;

  • Meru MC1500 Controller supports five to thirty access points and it is best used for branch office and small to medium size wireless networks.
  • Meru MC3000 Controller supports up to 150 access points and it is designed for medium size enterprise wireless deployments only.
  • Meru MC4100 Controller supports more than 300 acess points and 4GB/sec encrypted quantity. It is created for medium and large enterprise wireless deployments.
  • Meru MC5000 Series Controller that holds over than 1,500 access points and 20GB/sec encrypted quantity. This series is recommended for large enterprise and branch office.

Specifically, Meru controllers can be implemented as a core at an enterprise or distributed to data centers and branch offices. The proper installation of Meru features will bring a better experience for users. In fact, it also works better than other vendors and charges lower cost of ownership.

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