The injection of 3D effect to Nintendo brings a new air for many game freaks. However, this is good to realize that although 3D is a sweet addition some games may work fine with the 3D slider, whereas some other don’t. So, what about this Nintendo’s 3DS?

This 3DS is designed to allow you adjusting the 3-D on the fly through a slider on the right-hand side. You can adjust the 3D effect up and down or just turn it off completely. With this slider, there is no need to go to the menu or reboot the device. The direct adjustment works just fine.

Actually, the ability to adjust the 3D effect on the fly is quite beneficial since you don’t need to leave the game every time you need to adjust the 3D effect. The adjustment is convenient.

For example, when you are playing Steel Diver, it can be more beautiful when you adjust the 3D slider up. You can feel as if you are really in underwater. Even the schools of fish as well as the rainbows look really above the water’s surface. Amazingly, your eyes won’t get strained or sore easily since you can adjust the 3D effect anytime you want.

On the contrary, the 3D effect in Madden NFL Football is pretty difficult to use since the details are too many and this is also hard for your eyes to adjust to the 3D field and then move to the 2D text. This game is better run without 3D effect.

Apart from that fact that 3D doesn’t work well in a particular game, with the a huge number of games included 3D effects, the 3DS tries to present the 3D game playing in more comfortable state by providing a different setting in different way. Indeed, the 3D slider should become the device’s most essential feature.

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