Generally, the computer you found in market consists of components that are collected to become a functional computing system such as memory, processors, drivers, and more. Some of the components are manufactured to allow you to differentiate one system from another. Still, the quality as well as the performance of a computer system depends on the parts used in its machine.

Speaking of computer, the first thing you will obviously consider is the price. Surely, since IBM PC computers, the option to get personal computer system from compatible components was already available and consumers who were willing to purchase third party parts from smaller manufacturers were able to make a significant savings. However, this has been changed today, but you might still need to know that you still can get benefits from building a computer system from parts than you purchase a pre-built machine.

If you come with a question about the difference between a store-purchased system and a custom-built machine from components, the answer will be there is almost no difference found. When you prefer the custom-built computer, you will be able to select the components you want that match your computer system. However, the selections of these parts are still limited.

Sometimes, you may find the fact that pre-built systems with the exactly same model machine may collect very different parts, of course it deals with the suppliers as well as parts available at the time the machine was built. The biggest advantage you can get from going for custom-built machine is you will be able to learn and understand how the parts collected work together. This way, you will as well know what to do when there are problems with your computer and go for needed solutions without dealing with support groups or expensive repair labor charges.

However, besides the benefits you can get from building computer, there are disadvantages appear in the end. The biggest disadvantage is that your custom-built machine will be lack of support from organization your machine deals with. There are many parts of computer collected come from different manufacturers and if the particular part has problem you should go to the appropriate company where the part comes from. On the other hand, the pre-built systems will only need you to deal with a manufacturer as well as their warranty service groups.

Apart from the disadvantage above, it is still clearly seen that custom-built computer is more advantageous than pre-installed one. Thus, it is suggested for you to get enough resources that offer information about the parts you should collect to build a computer.

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