Video games have long been admonished for keeping our friends and family on the couch instead of up and exercising for a healthier life. In fact, there is a negative stigma attached to video games for this very reason. However, several companies are looking to change this mode of thought with the advent of new motion control technologies. The Nintendo Wii was the first console to truly revolutionize the way a game is played by using motion controls, but the Xbox Kinect is Microsoft''s answer to controlling games with your entire body, instead of just using a motion control sensor remote. In fact, the Kinect does not have a controller system at all, since it is an elaborate camera that can detect your every movement.

The Kinect is a camera that works similar to the Playstation Eye Toy that was released a few years ago, however, there are a few important differences. Kinect forms a virtual skeleton of your body so that it can correctly identify all of the movements you make, from jumping up and down to subtle movements like swiping your hand across the screen. These movements are mimicked instantly to the character you are playing in any game, so any action you need to perform has to be done using your own. In this manner, the world of XBox Kinect games is opened up to new possibilities, since you can actually perform the actions required of you, instead of sitting on the couch and pressing buttons at the right time.

Of course, the benefits of the Kinect device are not solely related to games. Over the past couple of years, the Xbox 360 has become an entertainment device, with Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and integration. Kinect can be used to control all of these, but one of the most unique features is the voice activated controls. If you are listening to music or watching a movie on your Xbox and you need to pause, simply saying "Xbox Pause" will pause so that you can answer the phone or door. This is revolutionary technology that enhances the Xbox experience.

Microsoft''s Kinect is an all in one device that will allow us to get up and play games while being healthy, control our 360 media with just the sound of our voices, and create the ultimate home entertainment experience, all bundled into one easy to use piece of equipment.

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