There will never be enough time dealing with Sony PSP especially for the game enthusiasts. This game machine has great ability in giving you great experience not only for gaming but also other entertainment like watching movies or listening to music.

Certainly, there are a number of PSP video games you can choose from. If you have collection of PSP games stored on your computer, you can use USB cables to transfer those game files to your Sony PSP and have them saved in the PSP’s memory card. Thus, to give you more details, here are simple instructions you can follow.

Primarily, make sure that your Sony PSP is off before inserting the Memory Stick Duo. After placing the memory into the PSP’s memory slot, you can switch on the device and then plug the USB cable into the PSP and connect it to your computer. Afterward, direct your selection to “USB Connection” you find from the “Setting” included on the main menu. This way, your computer will detect and locate the memory card in your PSP easier. On your computer, select the “Start” button and go for “My Computer.”

Furthermore, pick the “Removable Drive” folder by clicking it two times and direct to the “GAME” folder and open it. From your computer, click the folder to open the games file you save. Select the desired game you want to convert to your Sont PSP.

To transfer the game saved in your computer to PSP, click and drag the game files from the folder in your computer to the “GAME” folder. After the transfer done, you can directly play the game saved in the memory card and enjoy your gaming times. (fallen)

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