There are many reasons why most people choose the laptop computers than the desktop computer. Laptop computers are portable so you can carry it with you for outdoor activity and laptop suits the business or school needs because it has easy access to ports and lower power requirements. On the other side, desktop computer is much stronger because it has great configurability, higher general performance, and also easy of repair. You absolutely can repair your laptop computer when it has problems but it will need more concerns regarding its repairs and securities. One significant thing is that laptop comes with more expensive price tag than the desktop system.

Specifically, the common laptop computers' components include the motherboard, CPU, graphic board, and hard disk drive. Those components are manufactured differently. This laptop is designed to be able to do the same amount of work with less space and less power. Therefore, you will find that most normal laptop is more expensive than the desktop computer because it spends more expense during the manufacturing.

Speaking of pricing, there are three major factors that affect the price tag of laptop computers, which are the specifications, the weight, and the size of the screen. The vital specifications like CPU speed and number of cores, amount and speed of RAM and amount of storage space will give better performance and higher price if those specifications have higher numbers. Most lighter and thinner laptop computers will also have higher price. Also, the laptop with bigger screen will automatically have higher price.

However, people with significant limit of budget will be able to purchase the low-priced variety if laptop called netbooks. Netbooks have become really popular because of the low price and high quality. These netbooks provide you the basic needs of word processing and web surfing. However, this low-priced laptop feature little memory, slow run, little storage, and small screen.

If your choice falls to laptop computers, you may get the portable and accessible ports laptop. This will be really helpful for students and business people that need a computer when they are on the go. Also, it will help them to make presentations or share files when they are on the road. Moreover, the low power and space requirements should make the laptop to conserve electricity and space while working the same task. The more significant benefit is that laptop has a complete computer that will make it easier to use, this way you will not need mice, keyboards, or monitors.

Apart from the advantages above, laptop computers also come with some disadvantages. First, laptop is difficult to repair, upgrade memory, or modify because of its special design. On desktop computer, it will be easier for you to access storage drives or RAM because these are the components you like to upgrade, but it will not the same with laptop because its design will difficult you to modify or replace the components like CPU, motherboard, or graphic chip. Therefore, you will have to ask professional technician help you make the replacement or improvement to your laptop.

Laptop computers allow you to make configuration limited only those provided by laptop manufacturer unlike the desktop computer that allows the unlimited possible configurations. In most laptop computers, the software you are about to install may be incompatible with laptop hardware. Also, the different installation in different operating systems that are in bound with the laptop may cause hardware failures.

Finally, it is suggested for you to consider about the safety of files or data saved in your laptop. Thus, you must think about the special features like thumbprint identification locks, increased encryption and remote security features. Most laptop computers are already equipped with those security features to help you protect the data when you are away from home.

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