Attitudes regarding eco-friendliness and green solutions have rapidly changed in recent years. Being green is no longer considered something that hippies do. Companies big and small want to find green solutions to reduce costs, environmental impact, and also to improve brand reputation. Thanks to the high demand, government advocacy and public interest, green tech is an industry that is actually evolving. Here are some of the coolest new technologies and ideas that will soon reshape green tech:

E-Waste Pickup Companies

E-waste, that is electronic devices that need to be discarded, is a big problem for households as well as companies. It’s not environmentally sound to dump computers and smartphones at a landfill. The metals inside the gadgets can corrode over time and emanate dangerous chemicals. Therefore, an ingenious startup is now providing e-waste solutions to companies. Because companies also have to worry about sensitive data in devices, New Jersey-based CloudBlue offers on-site e-waste recycling.

UET Chemical-Free Water Treatment

Water treatment has come under extra scrutiny following the crisis in Flint, Michigan. Many places around the world still depend on cooling tower water treatment that uses harsh chemicals. However, there’s a new technology now that requires little to no cooling tower chemical treatment to purity water. Universal Environmental Technologies (UET) processed water treatment is based on algorithms, and requires zero chemicals. The algorithms can determine certain natural properties in water, like the quantities of heavy metals present, and then the treatment facility can naturally restore the balance. This method is known to save water by close to 68%, and cut costs for companies by close to 20%. 

Naturally Cool Wind

For some companies, the problem is keeping certain equipment cool. Maintaining servers, for example, requires huge amounts of electricity. Facebook has found a solution to this problem: naturally cool wind. Facebook’s user base in Europe is growing so the company decided to open a server facility on the continent. Without relocating to just any place, the company chose a Swedish town near the Arctic Circle. The advantage here is that the area is abundant in cool winds. Facebook built a facility that allows the cold wind to come inside and keep the heated servers cool without the need for any electricity. The heat from the servers is then transported to nearby buildings that require it. This is some ingenious building planning that other companies can definitely learn from. 

Green Concrete

Construction professionals know that making cement can be incredibly energy and water intensive. The process of making cement generates an astounding amount of carbon dioxide. The bright side here is that if companies can be more efficient, it’s possible to save carbon and energy during this cement making process. A company called Hycrete is doing just that right now to produce waterproof concrete that reduces the lifetime energy footprint of a building. This concrete can be recycled when a building needs to be torn down. Another company is currently working on coming up with cement that absorbs carbon dioxide. It’s possible that five years from now on, concrete would be carbon negative. 

The above are only some of the cool new green tech solutions companies have come up with, or are coming up with. The future of the planet may not be as bleak as many might think.

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