While the past has seen many ages of industrial development and prosperity come and go, there has been perhaps no more lucrative age than the one that has seemingly replaced the 20th century era of analog technology, i.e., the present digital age. And, within this present great digital age, the crowning glory of invention is, without question, the Internet. Since its coming, a whole new class of Fortune 500 millionaires and billionaires has sprang into existence, with no shortage of new up and coming entrepreneurs in sight. 

Whole New Industries Have Come Into Existence

Indeed, over the course of the past two decades, whole new industries have come into existence which would have been simply unimaginable to even our recent forefathers. Such vital segments of the global economy as the gaming industry have taken on a whole new definition since the advent of the world wide web. Such influential figures as Bobby Kotick and a slew of others have helped to make the gaming industry a massive international phenomenon, with a whole new crew of successors arising to follow in their footsteps. 

The Internet Has Made Possible An Entire New Business Model

The fact of the matter is that the world wide web has not only contributed mightily to the health and well being of the global economy, but has also made possible a whole new business model. Thanks to the Internet, entrepreneurs all over the world can set up shop without ever having to invest thousands of dollars in a brick and mortar store. They can now simply incorporate their new business venture, purchase a domain from a web hosting provider, and do business through the medium of a website and online store. 

Web Service Providers Are Raking In The Money

As a result of this unprecedented 21st century technological explosion, not only have whole new segments of industry risen into prominence, but whole new subsidiary services have also entered the picture. Web hosting and domain providers have become billion dollar service industries, ministering to the needs of business owners all across the globe. 

New Millionaires Are Being Minted Practically Overnight

More and more new millionaires are being minted practically overnight, and this is one trend that shows no signs of abating at any time in the foreseeable future. Perhaps best of all, this is also a trend that admits of no geographical or cultural bias. Along with new millionaires from such expected sources as the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, there is a whole new class of entrepreneurs from remote regions of the world who are using their knowledge of the Internet to raise themselves out of poverty. 

Online Industry Is Removing The Ceiling For Economic Growth

Along with erasing the artificial barriers that separate a nation of "have nots" from the community of "haves", the Internet is also slowly but surely succeeding in removing the ceiling for economic growth and profit. As noted above, the Internet explosion has created a new class of wealthy entrepreneurs in regions where such activity is sorely needed. Much of the prosperity of whole nations is due to the exponential growth of business that has been stimulated by the rise of the Internet. The full extent of such activity has yet to be revealed.

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