It has been long time that the users of Google Voice hope about the present of MMS feature on voice call service of Google data base. With this feature, the users of the platform can receive and send text and MMS through Google Voice. They also can send any MMS message to Google Voice number whereas later, the message will be forwarded to the users Gmail account. Unfortunately, because of some obstacles including the minimum support of the operator, this feature does not appear sooner on Google Voice.

Instead of adding MMS feature, Google merges the Google Voice into Hangouts service in order to fix any problems in the both applications. But the good news for you is that after merged into Hangouts, Google releases an announcement related to a massive expansion they do to get support from operators.

According to Alex Wiesen, a Googler who works on voice, it has been 100 operators in North America that have willing to join together with Google in presenting MMS service on Google Voice, specifically on Hangouts. Those 100 operators include several outstandin operators in AS and Canada such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Bell Canada, Rogers and Telus.

Unfortunately, there is no Verizon in the list. It seems that Verizon has not given its support for this service yet. It is because, when it was tested, the MMS feature had not worked on Verizon operator. It is such a homework for Google itself.

On the other hand, the number 100 is quite shocking if it is taken as the number of operators in North America. Along this time, people always focus to the countable operator numbers. This number might be including some un-familiar operators which only reach local area.

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