Technology is constantly changing. In fact, there are so many trends, it is impossible to keep up with them. It is no surprise that students are caught up in these changes, as well as teachers and administrators. You will find examples both inside and outside the classroom on college campuses.

SMS Marketing
Short message services (like texting) have not only been a tool for students to use to contact each other or members of their study or project groups, but also a new way for teachers and other administrators to get connected with them in an incredibly easy way. SMS marketing can directly connect students to each other and to the school as a whole. Many schools use SMS marketing to update students on deadlines, coursework and schedule changes. This is also a great way to communicate with thousands of students about any closures or emergencies that they need to know about.

Social Media
Social media? Why would anyone beside online business courses and marketing majors need to use this? Social media sites provide a way for students to educate politicians and other friends and family about advocacy groups or projects they have been working on. They can post videos of speeches or other information they want to share with their friends, family and others. Social media serves as a public forum for them to express their stance on certain issues. This medium is used in all industries as a form of communication, to inform, or just to shed a light on a brand or publication.

Online Courses
Many of the larger schools and universities are now offering free, non-credit courses to students that are already enrolled in their programs. These classes are solely for the students to gain for insight and information on a particular subject matter, usually one associated with their major or minor. These free courses include online videos, web casts, and lectures from the professors themselves. They are usually on YouTube or iTunes. Many offer free course ware instead of requiring students to spend extra money on books.

External Hard Drives
Many students use external hard drives in case their computers crash in the middle of composing that oh-so-important paper. They even carry one around with them just to make sure they do not accidentally lose valuable writing time and have to start their papers and projects all over again. 

Lap Top Computers and E Readers
With the invention of the tablets and E Readers, many students switched over in order to buy and read their text books using this new technology. These devices make it much easier and a bit more comfortable for students to read and educate themselves on their classroom materials.

As for papers and homework, students rarely use desk top computers any longer; they have switched to the lap tops for comfort and travel. Laptops go everywhere, making studying and writing in a coffee shop or even a favorite park possible. These two items have been selling like crazy for new college students and it seems that trend will just continue to rise with all of the new features technology is bringing into the classrooms.

Students have numerous options when it comes to technology. Many will buy based on their needs in and out of the classroom. The types of laptops they need vary depending on the courses they take, and the rise of these new state of the art items will flourish as more and more students begin school every year.

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