If you think Google Glass is less terrifying, you will not think the same for this technology breakthrough. Even it can make you more scared of. It is because this peripheral enables you to see something transparently.

The scientists from MIT have experimented with a system named Wi-Vi whereas it could attract a moving object behind a wall using wireless system. Wireless is cheap and can be

WI-Vi can be attached on the smartphone or a special hand peripheral. This system can be used for law need or even rescue when natural disasters occur. However, you can also use it for your safety.

For this time, the resolution of the WI-Vi is low enough. The new version of WI-Vi is more likely such radar for attracting a plane. So, there is no image in detail like X-ray.

The developers are trying to develop the better resolution version of the device in order to enable you recognizing faces. However, there is no policy dealing with how to use it.

Wi-Vi works by sending Wi-Fi radio wave cut through the resistance like wall and measures how it re-reflected. Actually it is almost the same as radar and sonar for how to work however it is small enough and also expensive. Besides, the frequency is limited.

When the signal of Wi-Fi is reflected by an object, the shape and the object arrangement will influence the signal re-reflected. But when the Wi-Fi touch the wall, most of the signal will be reflected on the wall, it is the time when the reflected shadow of someone behind will be seen.

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