Security on one’s property is crucial. Computer security is a practice that should be carried out on all computers and networks. Security is provided to avoid entry or access of any material that is not authorized or that is not intended. Unplanned events and natural disasters do occur, and this may cause serious problems. Computer security aims at preventing such incidences. A holder of computer and information science degree can provide such security measures to a computer system.

A corporate system combines business knowledge and information technology. This knowledge is integrated together to bring about a complete working system. Architecture security involves describing the structure and the behavior of an organization in terms of security. Security may entail information and/or personnel. This system aims at obtaining maximum security to a firm or a business through structural forms.

The main aim of architecture security is to provide general security to a business. This security is very extensive. Business strategy is determined first. It ensures that all plans written down are implemented and can be linked to the initial business strategy. Also, requirements and the key principles of a business are great factors to consider. This is aimed at eliminating complicating factors, which include geography, religion and technology. In an organization, it is better to have a security analyst to take care of security matters.

How does one achieve this security within a corporate system?

Obtaining a computer and information science degree, gives one the knowledge to provide such security service in a computer system. This degree entails in-depth knowledge of the computer data base, programs as well as information storage and security. This degree will give on the tools to set up a strong architecture security system.  Basically, one needs to consider the following in order to have a secure system, 

• Resisting attacks from intruders or in some instances resources become unavailable to the intruders. Protecting the network involves hardening the protocol or makes the network to inaccessible as possible by the intruders.

• Developing a security policy is another key factor to consider. This ensures that the information within the system is protected. The policy here makes one think of the ways to protect an uphold it. At the work place, the owner needs to train the workers on the importance of security; therefore, they must follow the rules.

• For information security, it is essential to scan always for viruses effectively on one’s desktop. Both at the workstation or anywhere one has kept the information. To do this, one requires a virus scanner, software that scans for a virus. This will keep up to date by downloading necessary updates for your computer.

• Email attachments are usually a source of viruses, which are detrimental to one’s computer. One should never open such attachments especially from unknown sources. All emails from unknown and unexpected sources should be deleted immediately.

• Passwords are required in almost all the places in a computer. This is to ensure the information one has is safe. In most cases, these passwords are usually broken into or otherwise hacked. Therefore, it is advisable to use strong passwords to protect the information he/she has. 

• For any person dealing with large size information, it is god to have a backup source. Store this information elsewhere, far from the office or work place. This will be necessary when one loses the information he/she has.

It is a crime to break into or hack any ones information. People who study criminology can better explain these. Mastering in criminology gives one the in-depth knowledge on this type of crime. The advanced degree sets one to be a criminologist or a forensic, loss prevention specialists or still a forensic technologist. These people have the potential to detect any type of hackers within the system.

A combination of a criminology masters with some knowledge from the computer and information science degree give a clear insight of how the system can be protected. As said earlier, a criminologist can detect the crime while a computer scientist who is also an information technologist can devise ways to protect the systems.

In general, a system must be protected. This protection aims at making ones computer stay safe for a long period of time. With this, one’s business enterprise and all system can function well without any problem.

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