The biggest event for Robot Technology & Intelligent Industry, ROBOTIS, will be held in the coming month in COEX Korea Exhibition Center in Seoul, Korea. Professionals are expected to attend the exhibition which will be started on 3 – 6 March 2010. This 4-days trade show is held to give opportunity for the professionals to exhibit robots needed in the various industrial fields like automobiles, microchip, and welding. Certainly, the rapid development in technology has proven to be one of tremendous effort that provokes professionals to develop more from time to time.

This robot technology and intelligent show will demonstrate many hi-techs work of genius invented by many professionals in Robot and technology which will help many industries to develop their invention as one way to give their customers enough satisfaction. Through this exhibition, visitors are hoped to give their close overview toward the inventions exhibited here.

Robot Technology & Intelligent Industry, ROBOTIS, is presented for professionals from many fields such as professionals related to application, technology development, education, and leadership, unmatched multiple robot control technology and other related industries. The specialty is offered to reach a goal of target visitors.

For further information about this exhibition, the following are brief overview about exhibitor’s profile. Exhibitor which would involve include Horizontal Articulated Robot, Vertical Articulated Robot, Cartesian Coordinate Robot, Linear Robot, Vacuum Robot, Manufacturing Robot, Automobile Manufacturing Robot, Shipbuilding & Marine Industrial Robot, Robot for Manufacturing Micro-electric Utilities, Robot for Microchips, Display Manufacturing Robot, Robot for Agriculture & Livestock, and Food Manufacturing Robot Software. These featured exhibitors are the most trusted professionals in each field their presented.

Knowing the number of exhibitors who will join this show, visitors would learn that this exhibition is an extraordinary event with much valuable information in technology. Visitors will undoubtedly deliver high appreciation toward high-tech inventions during the show. (fallen)

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