Recently, Microsoft just released Surface, a kind of tablet computer made it by itself. This peripheral is released in two versions. Those are ARM processor-based and Intel-based. There is variety of gorgeous accessories outfitted on the device. It is for instance the cover that serves as additional keyboard with Multitouch Trackpad function. 

The presence of surface makes Microsoft competing directly to iPad. Besides, it also competes with a series of the earlier typical tablet products which use windows 8 Operating System. However, it may happen that Surface could beat those typical product due to the cheaper price offered.

However, it is not clear enough how much the price of Surface is. However, the marketing is almost certainly in this year, 2012. Microsoft is able to offer competitive price for such specifications. Moreover, the price is without paying the license of windows 8 for the other manufacturers which use this operating system so that it is understandable that the price tends to be offered with more affordable price.

The target of the Surface consumer tends to professional consumers. They tend to head to head with iPad from corporate sector. Thereby, based on this system, the key is the price. This system makes the other manufacturers as the competitors do not like.

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