One of the key factors to reach the Premier Level and become IBM Premier Business Partner is the ability to provide complete lists of software from IBM. IBM has rolled out a wide arrays of software that include some major ones like AIX, Linux, RISC, z/OS, z/VM, zVSE, Unified Communications, Storage Management Software, Data Management, etc.

In details, IBM Software also comes into more specific versions like IBM Tivoli Monitoring, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Fastback, and IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager. Thus, let’s get closer to each of this software to know why your organization needs them.

First, IBM Tivoli Monitoring is a solution to optimize the IT infrastructure performance and availability by handling operating system, databases and servers in distributed & host environments. By utilizing this software, your organization can work over friendly browser interface and customizable workspaces during system monitoring process. It also assists IT resources and staff in your organization to operate effectively and efficiently.

Second one is IBM Tivoli Storage Manager that offers a large selection of storage management capabilities to streamline the protection and management of data. It helps surge competence as well as protects resources by employing data de-duplication and a hierarchy of storage.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Fastback is IBM Software that recovers in seconds the server data of Microsoft, Linux, or Windows. This software brings many benefits such as providing an economic data protection and recovery solution for problems occur in small and mid-sized organizations, assisting with advanced protection and recovery of business critical Windows and Linux app servers in the data center, automating and consolidating the protection of data in remote and branch office, protecting and recovering data for critical applications, and more.

Moreover, IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager is related to the management of the encryption key lifecycle by allowing the organizations to centralize and strengthen key management processes within the company. Its benefits are plenty; to make simpler, consolidate, and automate the encryption key management process, improve data security while reducing the cost and density of managing encryption keys, minimize the risk of loss or breach of sensitive information, improve security of key management operations with assistance for role based access control, etc.

All abovementioned software are principally providing you a way out to face any challenge in your business world by helping to manage all aspects within the organizations effectively and efficiently. Organization’s goal is somehow placed above everything.

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