For businesses specialized on IT industry, close relationship – a.k.a partnership – with major IT manufacturers or companies is a visible proof of its professionalism. Many business owners try hard to be one of those tied in particular major company’s partnership, this status will give great reputation and many customers may determine their businesses priority.

Likewise, IBM Premier Business Partner is precisely advancement for affiliated businesses in the same industry. At first, it is a Member level certain Business Partner should begin with and later on it will move up to an Advanced and reach the high position as Premier Partner.

To reach higher partner level, a company has to prove the great success on selling IBM solutions and it determines in which level it will be placed. In order to gain success, a company must be able to demonstrate product knowledge through skills tests and certifications, generating revenue, achieving high customer satisfaction scores, and submitting reference stories. By stepping those stages, the membership level shall raise.

The solution offered is undoubtedly IT solutions which can cover some values, such as Backup Solutions that support client with experts to help design, implement, and manage a recoverable backup solution, Storage Solutions that assist you to protect, consolidate, share, and utilize the company’s data safely, Wireless Solutions help your company or organization to plan and deploy wireless systems either large or small one, and there are more like Business Continuity, Digital Pathology, Consolidation, GMAS, Security, Disaster Recovery, Virtualization, and Vendor Neutral Archiving.

Besides IT Solutions, a company must acquire is the capability of providing best services that include Asset Recovery that disposes an abundance of old equipment or removes excess IT hardware, Health Checks, Cloud Services, and Migration. More proof that a company deserves the status as IBM Premier Business Partner is its ability to supply scalable Enterprise Technologies that meet clients’ requirement like IBM Systems along with features, components, and replacement parts, Networking which include the set of networking systems like routers, switches, wireless systems, optical networking, security systems, interfaces, modules, etc., Software which surely regarding to the availability of IBM software, and Storage. From all aspects mention above, the main target is customers’ satisfaction.

By ensuring that all solutions provided are maintained under professional skills and supervisions bring excellent satisfaction to clients, IBM Business Partners have demonstrated greater skills and market achievement. With innovative solutions provided, the partnership with IBM has been proven to work effectively.

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