From what occurs lately, you should agree that Google’s Android popularity has bigger chance to take the domination sooner or later. Just think it over, with massively increasing number of companies that employ Android as their smartphones’ or tablets’ operating system, Android may possibly dominates phones and tablets markets by the end of next year.

Last year, the total number of Android-based phones shipped reached 67 million units. That number contributed 22.7% of market share. From that significant increase, many market research firms predict that number to rise so it will come to 310 million devices shipped or equal to 49.2% in 2012.

What about Android’s biggest competitor, Apple? Will its selling number be increasing next year? Apple’s operating system, iOS, has happily stood on growing level of popularity this year. However, the prediction stated that its market is possibly falling down gradually in the coming years.

The estimation shows that Apple’s iOS-base devices – iPhones and iPad – gained a market share of 19.4%. This number has gone up about 4% from 2010’s market share percentage. It means that Apple’s devices will be shipped will increase as well.

However, Apple’s platform’s market is predicted to move slower in 2011 until its market share will also drop. With only about 119 million units will be shipped in that year, Apple will keep falling further the next years.

Another operating system that its life is at stake is Symbian. While Android comes as a rising star above the sky, Symbian seems like more sinking into the deepest sea. Its market share percentage keeps falling initiated by the drop level from 37.6% to 19.2%. In 2012, the prediction for Symbian is pretty inconvenient because there is predicted the fall to 5.2% in 2011 and it keeps falling further in the following years.

On the other hand, Symbian’s deal with Microsoft may not relieve the anxiety because while Windows Phone 7’s market share will be growing from 5.6% this year to estimate 10.8% in 2012, Symbian will even keep going under to four time drop. Microsoft Phone 7 keeps doubling its market share percentage the years after next year.

Blackberry’s RIM is unfortunately anticipated to fall its market share. In 2010, it gained 16% and it dropped to 13.4% in 2011. Thus, by 2012, its market share will come to 12.6% only and gradually decreasing in the following periods. Indeed, those predictions shouldn’t guarantee how particular OS would run in the future because trends are changing and users’ interests are changing as well.

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